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I donít think you understand the way IAG works. I donít think any of us fully do, but if you think theyíll come charging over the horizon to make everything alright for Norweigianís employees youíre very much mistaken.

Regarding your last point, the business model doesnít work so is largely irrelevant. The 737ís are the wrong aircraft type and have no synergy with any IAG airline, with all the crews having the wrong rating. Expensive to rectify. The slots, why pay for them when theyíll likely be on the open market in a few months? Critically though, you forgot to include that any purchase includes the massive debt & future liabilities.

When I said youíre living in a fantasy world, it was in regard to the notion that the closure of a few bases is somehow going to mean IAG will make another offer. IAG have so much money right now that buying 5% of the shares could easily have been a rounding error in the books. They took a look, made an offer and when it was rejected walked away and didnít come back. Iíve no doubt that should they wish, they could buy it 10 times over and not bat an eyelid. Thatís not a good thing, but a sad fact.

More worryingly for Norweigian, I donít see anyone else falling over themselves to make an offer. Confirmations of interest mean absolutely nothing. I would also not put much truck on anything Lufthansa have to say...ask any ex-bmi employee about that. It looks like the only assets worth having are the 787ís...if there was anything else, there would be a bun fight for it. There isnít.

Much of it is my opinion, but opinions formed around the assessment of plenty of others, both within the industry, and outside commentators. That said, Iím out. Clearly I wonít change your mind and nor am I trying to...only time will tell which of us is right.

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