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Seriously, what are you talking about? I think youíre living in some sort of fantasy land.

Firstly, IF (and its a big if) an offer is made it will be IAG making it, not BA. Huge difference. IAG have already made an offer and Norwegianís owners turned it down because it wasnít high enough. Are you seriously suggesting that these base closures etc. are somehow going to make IAG offer more for what is effectively a dead duck?! If another offer is forthcoming, Iíd imagine it would be peanuts compared to what came before.

The reality is that the business model has never been sustainable and in all likelihood this is the beginning of the end. Itís always only been a matter of time until the chickens came home to roost. Norwegianís expansion has always come across to me as a huge vanity project for its owners, who canít accept that they havenít magically unlocked a special way of doing things that would make it work for them, where so many others have failed.

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