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Originally Posted by flash8 View Post
I just hope when the old geezer finally pops it you don't get days of wall to wall coverage of the glory days... with the entire royal family out in public (they never miss a good opportunity) Mind you, here in Russia I guarantee you the only royal they'll miss is Prince Michael... they love that old fella... I once met him (well I did wave at him and he ignored me) at some Oil and Gas event in Moscow around ten years ago or so... he's always over here.
In the words of a certain tennis player " you cannot be serious !"......we've had a wedding, or two, a funeral, but no Coronation for a while, and one or two other events involving said family. However, cometh the time and no matter what else happens in the UK or across the globe, there won't be any other news. If you think that wedding last year was saturation c/o the Beeb, as another expression goes, "you ain't seen nothing yet "

And as has been said many times, it won't be said family that will be gracing our screens, it's the sycophantic fawning "members of the public " and self proclaimed "Royhalty Hexparts " who will duly provide the television emetic.

I did, though, like the official comment from Norfolk's finest about " suitable words of advice " being given to the driver, sans seat belt.....possibly not in the way one Insp Jack Regan would have done....
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