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Originally Posted by Turbine D View Post
West Coast,
I think George Will covers that in his second paragraph:

And so many more as you point out, accomplishments by Trump, LOL! He did appoint two USSC judges, but that's part of his job as I understand the POTUS role and responsibilities. But, It seems that Trump would rather go and commiserate with the Kimster and Putin rather than seriously communicate with our Congress on pressing domestic issues.
“Pressing domestic issues” really? Like the immigration reform needed since 1986, that’s obviously not pressing. Congress is in the business of making its members millionaires, not dealing with minor things that affect most of the country.
if it was, Maxine Waters and OCA would NOT be on the Finance Commitee, period.

Hey, we elect them, best Government other peoples money (read pet personal peeves, Stayer, Koch, et al) can buy.

Why bitch about it, we do it to ourselves every time, I believe when one stops banging ones head against a wall it doesn’t hurt anymore, guess the voters didn’t get the message.
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