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Dream on ....

WC, I have had some real dickheads as pax, but I never thought to leave one stranded somewhere. I don't see the Air Force leaving a congressional delegation stranded in Afghanistan.

Personally, I did not find that move by Trump to be a clever one, especially since the Air Force is not laboring under this shut-down. Then there was his own, similar trip, plus Melanie's trip to Florida using an SAM aircraft. I think he did that off the top of his bouffant.

I do not need to "scream" about any of this. Giuliani is the screamer, while Trump increasingly rants, showing a complete lack of focus. Show me one little post from the anti-Trump contingent here that comes at all close to what we get from those two drama queens. As no less than William S. Burroughs called it, those utterances are like the "screams of a wounded faggot." (If you do not know who Burroughs was, read up on that before you try to play the homophobia card. He was a junkie queer, a perverted genius novelist, because "gay" had not been invented yet.)
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