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Oh well ....

It turns out to just be a gun, not a smoking gun. After all, we do have ever-dependable Rudy Giuliani freaking out on TV the other day and telling us Version 8.1 or so of Trumpreality™, namely that there was collusion at the top of the Trump campaign that had nothing to do with Trump himself. Trump, who has been described repeatedly as a micro-manager by those close to him, supposedly missed a key detail of what his campaign, what even his son Donald, Jr., was up to with the Russians: collusion.

It looks as if Rudy bought this story from Buzzfeed, perhaps because he already knew what Cohen had been told to do by Trump. He then spilled the beans trying to get ahead of it, just as he did previously with the story about hush money paid on behalf of the Trump campaign to those two tarts. He did not say that there was high-level participation in collusion though. He simply retreated from having said, repeatedly, that there was none. He's painted himself into a corner now where he wants us to believe that collusion is not a crime and that while Trump's campaign manager might have done it, it was done without Trump's knowledge. This is going the same way as Rudy's last try at managing the news, when he told us exactly how the hush money had been paid on behalf of the Trump campaign to Stormy Daniels. The way Rudy tried to spin that, it was an illegal campaign contribution made by Cohen on behalf of Trump, but without Trump's knowledge. That was literally incredible.

Now we have another Rudy retreat from reality, another illegal deed done on behalf of Trump, but without Trump's knowledge. It would be nice to have had this served up hot on a silver platter by Buzzfeed, but that turns out to be too much to hope for. On the other hand, if this latest Rudygasm turns out the way the last one did, he just indirectly told us that, yes, Trump was colluding with Russians.

One interesting detail is another Trump slip of the tongue, when he had denied any collusion with what sounded like "the Russian people." That is something different from "the Russian government," isn't it? (That is like Slick Willy with his "what the meaning of 'is' is," I guess, except that Trump is much clumsier with words.) We just took that for Trump being Trump and not speaking clearly, but he might have been trying to be a bit tricky, giving another non-answer to a question about what he'd been up to with the Russian government, not the Russian people: two very different things. On the other hand, there I go, somewhat contradicting my own firm belief that the man is a moron who simply can not speak straight.
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