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Originally Posted by Uncle Fred View Post

It will be interesting to see what the ALB offers up as a defence against the Buzzfeed reporting. Lies, obfuscation, and deflection at the least, but this might require some creativity...

I wouldn’t bet the farm on the buzzfeed piece. One of the co-authors of the article, Jason Leopold has a “checkered past” his words, not mine. He’s had articles called into question, Salon (not a friend of the right) had to retract an article by him as they couldn’t verify it (why publish it to begin with). According to him Karl Rove was to be indicted in 2006, obviously that never happened. So far, to my knowledge no other media outlet has substantiated the charge.

This could be a matter of sacrificing truth in favor of “breaking news”.

Could there be a “there” there? Sure, the whole broken clock thing, it’s possible. I just wouldn’t confidently hold this up as the aha moment you lefties are hoping it is.
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