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Renewing expired JAR PPL (A)

Hi All,

I havent flown since 2011 and subsequently my licence, class rating, medical and radio licence have all expired.

I understand that I will need to convert from my JAR PPL to the EASA PPL. Can anybody confirm what I need to do and in what order as I have come across conflicting information?

I need to renew;

Class 2 medical (Exp. 2015)
FRTOL (Exp. 2017)
PPL (Exp. 2017)
SEP Rating (Exp. 2010)

I am led to believe that it is cheaper to re validate my SEP first with an instructor / examiner and send of with my licence renewal at the same time, can anybody confirm if this is possible as an instructor at a flying school I visited today said they can no longer sign my JAR licence page.

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