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I can not imagine that this Mueller report will stay hidden, no matter whether or not it is supposed to be confidential, top secret, or whatever. I assume that it will be released to Congress, so that it's pretty sure to leak from one or another of the staffers for 535 different legislators.

In fact, we have already seen leaks of written questions Mueller has posed to Trump, when many commentators assume that the leaks came from someone on the side of Trump. In any case, it's plain that leaks do occur, for whatever reason.

If this latest "bombshell" about collusion proves to be as ineffective as all the other bombshells that preceded it, going way back to bombshells that surfaced during the campaign such as that tape where Trump boasted of how he could do sex assaults, and then the fact of Trump's sex adventure with Stormy Daniels ... this guy has more lives than a cat that has to make do with only 9 of them!

Someone should start a book on how many more days Trump lasts in office. Remember that Nixon got away with 5 1/2 years when you pick a number.
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