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Nearly two years ago I wrote:

"If I were Putin and wanted to seriously damage the USA for minimal risk and expense, I would have set up an long-term operation to try and get a hard/alt-right President elected as 45.

Very low-risk plan, check-out the possibles. Lets see, there's this cuckoo and there's that nut-job and finally someone says "Why not Trump?". After the laughter dies down, someone says, "Do you think he'll bite? Bit risky for him with all the shady deals he's into with some of our bad boys?" "True," says Putin, "but he's very ignorant and very vain - ideal, in fact, as we already have plenty of kompromat on him - let's plant some seeds and see what happens. If he doesn't bite I can think of a few others we could try. Lets face it, any Republican would be better that that Clinton bitch."

"And if we fail and she wins anyway?", "Then we've lost nothing, but if we can get some dumb far-right Republican yahoo in then we're off to the races - we won't have to do anything much and America will obligingly tear itself to bits. And WE can pick up the pieces. A President like that would be so divisive that American democracy will never recover - suka, blyad!".

So they got Trump in - and after a bit they began to realise that they'd struck the mother-lode, far far better than they had ever dreamed of or hoped for . . ."

First of all, my apologies to dumb far-right American yahoos - I don't think that there is anything you could have done that would have betrayed the American people so odiously - but it seems like I was more prescient than I ever would have thought....


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