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Hey Rudestuff

I have been doing a bit of research after reading you're posts, the concept of getting an FAA PPL then adding an IR seems like a great idea. I want to convert over after to EASA land to get the fATPL.

Is the process
3. Hour building (PIC - 100 hours) wearing a hood, at night, cross country.....
4. EASA ATPL theory + exams

Is there any point in doing the MEP/IR in the states?''

Thanks for your input on this forum, its enlightening

[/QUOTE]Now for the IR: In Europe it is 55 hours, (40 sim and 15 multi) average price? 12,000
If you have an FAA IR, you can convert it in 15 hours for about 6,000
How much does an FAA IR cost? Well you're already renting the plane! - you only pay extra for the instructor and test, so $2000 will save you 6,000
The other option is CBIR: as long as you have 35 hours as PIC under IFR (which you will get hour building) - you only need to do 10 hours multi.[/QUOTE]
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