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Originally Posted by eal401 View Post
If child poverty is such an issue, why do poor people keep banging them out? Question based on a recent article in the i which lamented a "homeless" couple whose struggles included the female half being pregnant again and how unfair life and Universal Credit was to people like them.

(There were other factors at play, but such things don't concern the i)
Disclaimer : I am not an anthropologist so I could be wrong, but, the human race has been reproducing for several millennia because we have genetic traits which make us so inclined. However, possibly you are in favour of, say, social eugenics here in the know the sort of thing, a bit of legislation perhaps that states " you will not be permitted to reproduce or raise a family if you have an income level below 100k each ( not collectively ) and have not gained a First Class ( Hons ) Degree from an approved University "

That said, thanks as I've said before entirely due to events , in theory, due to come to fruition in March---- " T-10 and counting " taking prominence , the time bomb clock called Universal Credit has also been ticking away those poor souls affected can confirm as their lives are made a misery...through NO fault of their own.
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