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Thanks Pattern for that explanation. That would be quite the spectacle were he to show up at the House went into recess.

One wonders that if there is a case subordination of perjury described in Mueller's upcoming (whenever that might be) report and Mr. Barr tries to deep six it, whether there will then be a major leak from a staff member. One would think at that point a good citizen working on the case would feel compelled to air the laundry. Always tricky, to be in a whistle blower role, but for heaven's sake one is describing a potential felony by the POTUS.

It will be interesting to see what the ALB offers up as a defence against the Buzzfeed reporting. Lies, obfuscation, and deflection at the least, but this might require some creativity...

Chuks, that parade would not be complete without a band--76 trombones and all that. If he is going to order that armoured column to march on the Capitol, then it certainly should have a musical accompaniment.
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