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Fred, the brief version would be that Trump (as President) is free to enter the House Chamber at any time.

Pelosi controls 1) whether the House is "In Session" or just an empty (and possibly dark) room, 2) whether Senators are invited and allowed in (requires a joint resolution, and some furniture rearranging), and 3) whether the chamber's TV cameras are on.

To speak at all when the House is in session has to follow parliamentary rules: requests to be recognized, etc. Trump would be "gavelled to order" if he just started shouting from the back for the room, and if he persisted, the House could just be voted into Recess, leaving him in the dark empty room anyway (rather than evicting him). If no-one is there, it may be possible for the President to bring his own lights and cameras, talk to the camera, and then "tweet" the speech from his own SD-card.

The Constitutional requirement is only that the President shall, from time to time, report to the Congress on the state of the Union. It has been done just via a letter, but not in living memory.
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