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Not related to the more famous Jimmy Dean, I assume ....

Eddie, ask your tribal elder to help you with your English before you ask him to work his juju long-distance on me. (If you believe in that kind of stuff you might want to watch your step. I can find some tribal elder of my own from Yorubaland who can ask Shango to fry your good self with a bolt of lightning, no trouble.)

Technically, Trump does need an invitation from the Speaker of the House in order to appear in the House chamber to give his Snake of the Uniom speech in person. The other day he seemed to be hinting that he would appear uninvited to give the speech. That could be interesting.

Also technically, the shutdown does not affect any branch of the military aside from the Coast Guard. (In peacetime the Coast Guard is under the DHS, so that it is going unfunded now due to the shutdown.) This means that Trump's grounds for cancelling this Congressional trip abroad are fake; the Air Force is fully funded.
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