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Originally Posted by Murty View Post
Being stationed at RAE Bedford (NATS provided the ATC for the MoD) from 1987-1991, the ground party and high speed car only ever came on base once when a TR-1 as they were known then did divert in and stayed overnight.
In fact what occurred during the training flights often having 2-3 in the circuit at a time ,was the 5.0-litre Mustangs chase cars would sit in a layby on the road between RAF Alconbury and RAE Bedford listen to ATC frequency as they only did go arounds so never needed the cars for the final talkdown.
Sorry got the wrong impression; the chase car was operating on the runway at Bedford one day when I visited and from what one of the Bedford controllers (AM) told me that day I thought it was a daily occurence.
Course it did mean when a TR1 landed at Farnborough for the airshow, I was the only one who wasn't surprised when the chase car entered the runway behind it; everyone else was panicking asking what he was doing!

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