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I recall many times during the Clinton administration taking money out of my own pocket when one of my NCOs came to me and said the barracks was out of cleaning supplies, toilet paper, etc. If Vlad is laughing, hes been laughing for quite some number of years.
Although I don't know the extent of "many times" your generosity is favorably noted. However there is a difference between "your barracks" being out of toilet paper, etc,, and the entire US Coast Guard being not paid. Maybe your former Marine Congressman could have helped to prevent this, but maybe not as he is having significant distracting personal monetary problems...

Vlad is laughing up his sleeve only recently, but not LOL with his directed misinformation provided to get Trump elected and his misinformation provided during the Brexit situation in Britain. Vlad doesn't want to blow his cover when he says he had nothing to do with either. The world political scene is different than Trump's NYC dealings with the Mafia on the inflated cost of delivered concrete for his buildings, a deal not mentioned in his infamous book, but Trump has yet to figure out Washington DC and international dealing are unique.
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