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This whole fiasco has done even more to convince me that all politicians are a complete and utter waste of space, and, aided and abetted by the lunatic extreme Brexiteers, and the even more lunatic extremist Remain brigade, they have conspired to create the most monumental balls-up that I think I've ever seen within government.

All those who have been intent on derailing the will of the people, be they bloody whinging remainers or extremist Brexiteers should be hanging their heads in shame over the colossal mess they have helped to create. May might be a waste of space as PM, but frankly no PM could have possibly reached any sort of agreement with all those self-centred plonkers who have been pulling in opposite directions, without any consideration at all for what the majority of people in the UK actually want. Right now we are well and truly in the hands of the bloody EU, who hold pretty much every card, in what our damned government considers to be some sort of game, and who will dominate the the UK for years, no matter what decision is finally reached in the next few weeks.

Everyone I've spoken to in recent weeks, be they people who voted to remain, or people who voted to leave, have been expressing much the same views, that our government has seriously failed us, the people, and that a minority of extremist lunatics on both sides are almost wholly to blame for this failing.
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