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Originally Posted by tescoapp View Post
That was all part of their bluffing plan, the whole object of the negotiations is to prevent/ try and reverse leaving but on there terms. ECJ has screwed that up on cancelling though. It doesn't want the UK leaving the control of the Eu both economically and socially. If they had suggested something then they ran the danger of it being accepted.

The EU needs control over the UK import market or they will loose pretty much all trade deals that have been created. Without the UK's import market and the other states running heavy export surpluses then things become very heavy in the EU's favour. More than likely the reason why the Japan deal is in limbo just now and its PM is wading in with comments. UK market out the picture and sorry the picture has changed we need to renegotiate.
But you and others have said the same right from the beginning - the EU are bluffing, they can't afford to lose us, they will have to give way in the end.

You have been wrong about this all along, and you are still wrong. 70 days to go, and there is no sign of any movement by the EU. Will you still be expecting them to come begging for a new deal on 28th March, or will you finally accept that it's their game, their rules, and we have lost?

We didn't like their rules, so we left. That's it. End of game. Don't expect any favours, they have 27 members to look after and one ex member doesn't figure.
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