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Originally Posted by MarkerInbound View Post
You have the gist of it. The US House of Representatives is charged with initiating spending and tax legislation. They have to get the Senate to agree and there can be back and forth revisions between the House and Senate. When a final version passes both the House and Senate it goes to the President for his signature. What is worrisome even to some Republicans is if Trump set the precedent of using emergency powers for a budget event it could return to haunt them when a Democrat is in the office. And lead to the scenario you note above.
So he waits for congress to send him their best deal and then doesn't sign it, forcing congress to overide it or go broke.

Makes interesting battle seeing as each house has different electors to appease

Meanwhile the country as a whole goes tits up and an emergency is declared where only Trump makes the decisions

We deserve it as we allowed our news to be spoon fed to us without thinking that the news was a money-making source
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