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That's why i left, i saw their plans, and i didn't wait to give them the chance to f...ck me like they did with many other guys one year ago. Clear now?
Very clear. Nothing actually happened to you, you just chose to leave as a pre-caution

Contract flying in Asia 101 - you are always a guest in their country, and when you are surplus to requirements, your ride on ‘their’ wave is over. For FOs this wave is always going to be shorter than the wave for captains. They were lucky to even have one at all, as local FOs can be pumped out of the flying school like a suasage factory. Most took the salary, the experienced gained and moved on. They all signed contracts with 60 day clauses and had their contracts terminated legally. So stop going on about them being ‘fired’, it’s getting old. They were surplus to requirements, for whatever reason.
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