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Originally Posted by Sunliner81 View Post
Yesse, I wonder what in the hell happened to to you at VNA to cause you so much bitterness. You say you were there 15 years....itís sad to see such bitterness considering you spent a large slice of your lifeís journey there. Kind of like a marriage I guess - it didnít work out for you and there are always two sides to the story. Good luck wherever you are.
yes, i was 15 years ago, but then was not like today. If we talk about VNA 15 years ago, i would think 100% different. I left VNA because i lost my trust on them, after seeing many of my friends being fired just for some corruput people on the top of the company. I am not so young like to give them my last years of flying without knowing if they would do the same with me tomorrow. And be sure about something, if they find the way to fill their pockets firing you some day, they will do it!! If you are young captain, maybe you don't care too much, but when you are over 55, then the story is different. You need to find the place where, at least, you know they will not let you with the ass in the air, because they will not care at all if they destroy you career and part of your life, as long as they could continue stealing money. That's why i left, i saw their plans, and i didn't wait to give them the chance to f...ck me like they did with many other guys one year ago. Clear now?
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