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Originally Posted by Yesse View Post

Well, with these arguments, i have not anything else to say. I am happy of not being one of your recommended friends to go there. There are a few guys who were really happy due to clean and kiss some soft parts of the managers... Being upgraded to A350, 787 or they were forgiven when they made some huge mistakes... when they were almost out of the business due to the age. They will be always grateful with VNA. I see many of them here. So yes... now i can understand better your good opinion about that shiitty and corrupt company. Thanks God i am far away from there already, but you will never silent my voice to warn other colleagues to make the biggest mistake in their career joining VNA. Better Jetstar or even Vietjet, but VNA, specially for FO's A350 or 787... better forget about this place. Soon or later you will regret!! That's it, and i am saying the truth, and i will repeat 10000 more times!!
Yesse, nothing personal, but you and Kimono sound like two broken records. Obviously something bad happened to you guys at VNA and you are angry and bitter towards the company and probably with a good reason, I therefore am sorry things did not work out for you. VNA is far from a perfect company. Many people came and ran away, many stayed for over 10 years and more. Every pilot has his/her different needs and expectations; like all companies working for VNA has postive and negative sides, depending on a pilot’s need. I for instance worked there many years and like many of my friends who have come, left or are still there, we never regarded it as mistake. I of course cannot speak for every expat who worked there. While I was there I have seen many people upgrade, transition to other fleets and get promoted to instructors. I can guarantee you that none of these pilots paid their way “up”, even though an exception here and there cannot be ruled out. For those looking to join VNA and are new to the contract world, please see my previous posts; I clearly detailed what it means to be a contract pilot. There are goods and bads. And Yesse, just to set the record straight: VNA does NOT and never had a position of SFO. At least not officially. Some high time FOs might feel like they deserve to be called SFO, but this company unlike many others does not have a positionon or title of SFO. You are either FO or Captain. Hope that helps.
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