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Originally Posted by Laarbruch72 View Post
Of course It isn't secret, but the pompous old farts of PPRuNe, none more so than the even more pompous and even older and fartier Mil Aviation regulars love to do this stuff; Hint heavily that they were privy to hush hush stuff, while really openly stating where, when and who it was that they "definitely didn't see". Just so you know they were actually there, so you can doff your cap to them. It's just a form of attention seeking really. If it was really secret, and someone was involved directly, it wouldn't be discussed here.
If you want to experience having a similar personality disorder, just hang around a bar wearing a veteran badge, occasionally touch your nose and say something like "I'd tell you but I'd have to kill you", and you too can feel like BEagle and a lot of the other old wrecks that make up the Mil (or rather the RAF of the 1960s and 70s) forum.
I think Laarbruch has a point. Many here have had interesting military careers, but there are a few pompous ones who you wonder if they have a carefully crafted RAF moustache, and insist on being known as Squadron Leader down at the pub.
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