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Originally Posted by pattern_is_full View Post
Hi, Westy! Long time no see!

The way Trump is going, by the time you are ready to flee the "People's Republic of California," you may have to go all the way to Mississippi to find a state "red enough" for you! AZ is looking a bit purple these days, and he ain't making many friends in TX.

At least if you stick to the I-10 corridor. Not necessarily a bad thing - the Gulf Coast is pretty sweet!
Mississipi is a bit humid for my liking, P-cola if I had to live in the south.

Sorry for my absence from the scrum. On a long trip, have to make money to pay for Californiaís ever expanding social handouts. Being a taker rather than a maker sounds somewhat appealing.

I donít begrudge you gloating over the election results, liberals havenít had much to cheer about of late, losing all 3 elected branches, SCOTUS appointments, one of the leading faces of the party being Hillary, you know, the gift that keeps on giving. I do trust you know your smugness re the HOR can be short lived and is very reactionary yet predictable. Please recall the Republican majority in the Senate INCREASED?

Not all that long ago (in the days after Obamaís first election win) that the talking head libs were predicting the end days for the conservative movement in the US. You making the same prediction?
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