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Originally Posted by Effluent Man View Post
I'm not a fan of Fiona, it's the over emphasised delivery. But actually I thought she did quite well on QT.
Indeed , the Beeb have always been in a class of their own when it comes to news presenters and hectoring inflections combined with failed RADA applicants.

However, it's crass ignorance to condemn her in her new role on the basis of, erm, her first show.

True, the content has varied over the years, but the "it's all scripted and false " perceptions invariably suggests the contents don't meet with the personal narratives and agenda's of those making the accusation .....bit like those who use the "ignore " function on websites really.

" Nobody could fill Robin Day's shoes !"

To be fair the last presenter did a pretty good job overall, but yep. Robin Day deserves the accolades and recognition as you say.
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