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Originally Posted by KelvinD View Post
I wonder if the reason for yesterday's demo in London producing little mention of Brexit was because it was an anti austerity demo? A different agenda and not related to Brexit at the outset.
Actually, it may have a great deal to do with the fact that the numerous other significant issues in UK politics have now been totally subsumed by the issue of Brexit...which in one sense is convenient for Treeza as it means the electorate aren't going to be overly aware...apart from those poor souls who are directly affected that is. Even Amber has realised that UC is such a potential political time bomb she's doing her best to fudge matters over until she's forced to explain in detail why so many are adversely affected.

Despite Treeza gushing on about the "end of austerity " this isn't actually the case.

However, it appears desperate times induces desperate measures. Thus, rather than leave matters to professionals involved in various Dept's and sectors, who better to add their unrivalled expertise in ensuring a plan looks and sounds great...on paper.....but then, strangely starts to unravel when implemented.

So a rousing JB cheer for another firm favourite......the military !
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