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Originally Posted by kdn View Post
Any able to share their real life experiences with being in a syndicate?

I have been thinking about it for a while, some of them seem to be a bit odd to me though, 5k to join a 25 member pool, then $120 per hour plus fuel!
As a general observation, syndicates seem to be FAR more successful in NZ than AU. I am not certain what that says about national characteristics, if anything.
While I am aware of several syndicates in AU that have been around for quite a while, in more cases than I can count, friends have "un-friended" each other and it is always about money --- and one or more "members" getting a perception that somebody else is getting more than their monies worth --- so they stop paying their fixed charges, and it is all downhill from there.
I think that, in AU, you are better off doing a deal with a private owner --- and make very certain the insurance includes you, with non-recourse clauses as required --- you will often see ads. in the Aviation Trader.
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