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Originally Posted by Maoraigh1 View Post
From Wikipedia:
Does any electrical equipment depend on the Earth's field at startup?
Quite a few items may be affected to some degree by the reduced magnetic field strength. Many phones & tablets for example when using navigation type apps can already get confused by weak/distorted fields (as inside a car)
and require the device to be 'waved' in a figure-of-eight motion a few times to properly orientate. Some Drones too (arguably a good thing), need turning by hand in three axis's to align the field.

More importantly, a reduced magnetic field will eliminate the protection from cosmic rays and other space radiation, potentially killing any or everything from power grids to frying sensitive micro-electronics & radio transmission interference. And heavens knows what to biological systems.

Overall, a reversal - more accurately, the period of reversal change - is definitely not a good thing.
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