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Originally Posted by GrahamO View Post
Has it though - I asked before about this wand was told the impact was upon posters and not the actual website. If there has been legal leverage, then lets see the letter ?

Given the website is hosted outside of the UAE, there is little the UAE can do about it as no foreign webhost is going to pony up information to the UAE authorities.
Digressing off the thread subject but Ryanair went to US courts to obtain the data required on individuals who were stating items which didn't stand up to scruitiny. Said individuals details were provided and they were identified.

Ryanair via Solicitors contacts posters and provided them with options, apologise publicly in writing on said website, withdraw untruth and provide undertaken not to do so again, small donation to a charity and matter would be closed. Second option was Ryanair would proceed to court to clear its name. The bravado of posters was " I will see them in court" evaporated when they aware of just their own legal costs and that losing would have bankrupted people. In truth Ryanair could have just gone for option 2 with all, as was their legal right.

Post these events PPRuNe changed their T&Cs and were very clear about what you post is your responsibility.

Expecting Interbrand or anybody else to provide a copy of legal letters is not going to happen.
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