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Originally Posted by testpanel View Post
Hi folks,

Recently i was cleared to descend from FL340 down to FL240, with a restriction of flying 260 kts.
I asked if the 260 kts restriction was on conversion, but no, he wanted it right now! (from leaving FL340)

I was educated to fly Mach number on conversion in the climb.
I had numerous clearances to fly 260 IAS (or so) on conversion, but never to fly IAS above FL290, in my case descending from FL340.

Is this correct or just another german atc typical way of doing it their way......?

What kind of airplane were you flying so that reducing to 260IAS sounded weird? Does it mean you never fly IAS above FL290? How weird is that?! Is there any particular FL at which you changeover? I know one stupid point in DOC4444 that states ATC should consider using IAS below FL250 and MN above, but how ridiculous is that? Would any ATCO speak to Q400 at FL260 in terms of MN?
For instance, if you fly 270IAS you keep flying IAS until FL340. Only after reaching approx. FL340 you catch up with .78 or so.
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