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Originally Posted by Uncle Fred View Post
Please tell me, please, for the sake of my Anerican friends and perhaps the Western world that those tweets are a joke... I mean surely they cannot be serious can they? This has to be some kind of spoof.
The only person who could tweet that for Trump and not get fired would be Trump himself. So it has to be from him.

For Hempy
Treason doth never prosper? What's the Reason?
for if it prosper none dare call it treason. ~ John Harington:
I am guessing that someone's making a buck out of all of this sound and fury. Given that each president since Reagan has refused to be held accountable to the Article IV requirements, see my post to chuks a day or so back, getting the charge of "treason" to stick might be hard ... but that won't stop some from trying. There's a process for that.

Not sure if you are keeping up with the political noise in America, but there are a number of people who are keen on getting the impeachment bus rolling for Trump as was done for WJ Clinton 20 years ago. For Bill it was a blow job, for Don it's dealings with the Russians.
I was cooking some pasta Friday night and what did I see on ABC TV as I prepared dinner? A "special" news program about Bill Clinton, Monica Blowinsky, and the impeachment thing when Bill was president. Maybe someone is seeding the garden for a political move of that kind.

We'll see what high crimes and misdemeanors are presented as reasons to impeach. Give it time.
It's a political process, so bring your grain of salt. They still might try it even though the senate votes are not as yet lined up due to partisan splits.
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