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Originally Posted by Two's in View Post
It's amusing that although trump always calls unflattering stories "fake news", he somehow felt the need to respond with 4 vitriolic and rambling "but what about" tweets (so far) to the news that the FBI launched a counter intelligence operation against him. That operation was reportedly to establish whether the President of the United States was either knowingly or unknowingly working on behalf of the Russians. Not whether he was working with the Russians, but whether it was intentional.

When this story broke, trump's top legal eagle, Bozo the Clown (Rudy Giuliani) said; ...just to illustrate how insightful he is of the nature of counter intelligence operations.

It will be interesting to see how the GOP, and specifically that disgusting invertebrate McConnell react to this. You would think that the President of the USA being the subject of a Russian counter intelligence probe might provoke some soul-searching, but I seriously doubt it as long as the GOP agenda is being rolled out.
The GOP will react with....silence. McConnell, Ryan, Rubio and others are all in bed with the Russians. The few that haven’t taken Russian money have tied their coattails to Trumps base. The writing on the wall might be in red 6ft high sans serif but they’ve backed themselves so far into the corner they have nowhere left to go.

I remember during the primaries the theory being floated that Trump was a Democrat plant to sabotage the Republican tilt at the presidency. He may not be a Democrat plant, but he sure is sabotaging the Republican Party and their future as a politcal entity. The graft and corruption is one thing, but treason is surely where the American public draw the line.
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