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Just so you are clear about comparisons with Netjets. This the current Netjets offer to new crew:
  • Entry salary 58300 then 66300 after two years. Then index linked (Euros). Per Diem 70 per working day (not paid for standby at home)
  • Stable 6 on / 5 off roster published 2 months in advance on the 15th of each month
  • Maximum 200 duty-days - unless you ask for more (Paid) and no pressure to work extra
  • Extensive training package (2 RCT, 1 GRT) included in 200 duty-days - that's 178 working days per year after your leave is taken off
  • Entry Fleet: Citation XLS and Phenom 300 - Ego?
  • Life and AD&D insurance provided
  • LOL and LTD insurance provided
  • Time to Capt? At least 7, but probably 10 years. It depends on churn and expansion rate. I understand that this time is shorter with Vista due to the same reasons.
  • BUPA GOLD health insurance (including dental) - covers family (kids under 18)
  • Company pension plan - UK plan is OK, continental one is double taxed which is an issue for many crew
  • [*]
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