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Originally Posted by A_Van View Post
An old Russian/Soviet joke:
KGB tender to supply lie detectors was won by a Moscow soldering iron plant due to unprecedented price/effectiveness performance demonstrated by its product line.
Thanks, A_Van.
That reminds me of this one. Courtesy of Reddit.

A new tomb with a mummy was discovered in Egypt, but the world's experts could not decode any of the wall writings to figure out the name of the king or what dynasty he belonged to.
Eventually they asked the USSR to see if maybe they had an expert who could help. The USSR sent 4 KGB officers, who walked into the tomb and emerged an hour later.
They said it was the mummy of Neferkare II of the Eighth dynasty. Astonished, all the experts wanted to know what proof they had. The lead KGB officer replied: "We have his signed confession" .
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