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A little off-track from a different part of the world, but still a comment on "security". scene is Pt. Moresby about 67 or 68 - my memory is going. Rumour that something is happening at the strip got a few of us out in time to see a KC135 appear. As soon as it stopped moving a guy leapt out with a handheld, yelling for a vehicle. Quite exciting as a U2 appeared and was talked down. Once he was parked by the tower everyone was very relaxed. The ground crew kept the cockpit closed, and we didn't get to chat to the driver, but otherwise we found out he was enroute Guam to East Sale, from where they were flying air sampling missions over Antartica. He apparently had a warning light, and Moresby was the nearest possible diversion. Don't know what his posittion on the 2800 nm. trip from Guam would have been, but there weren't too many 10,000 ft. strips available, and they apparently viewed Moresby as marginaly acceptable. So he had loitered for some unspecified time at some unspecified altitude while the KC 135 caught up.

The funny bit was that after about an hour of close inspection and chat by all and sundry, a police detachment arrived, with orders telexed from Canberra, to establish a perimeter of x 100yds around a non-existent a/c that no-one had seen.

I missed his departure next morning, but he apparently left the control zone out the top before passing the the end of the runway.

Not as good a "not there " as told by a friend who was Air America in the 60's. Question to refueller at a non-existent strip, "Whose are those six unmarked C130's ?". "I don't see no 130's".

Long time ago.
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