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Originally Posted by meleagertoo View Post
I think that must rate as one of the most arrogant, up yer own ass pig ignorant posts I've ever seen here, and that's saying something.

I gather there's some childish/spotterish silliness going on as with any closed-shop in-joke that no one will explain to a genuine inquiry but that being so it evidently doesn't warrant an explanation.
Just as I hadn't realised a profile was expected to include qualifications that qualify one to recieve answers from self aggrandised saddos like you, chevron.
It's clearly too infantile to be worth explaining.
I'd expected more of this forum.
meleagertoo-for many years there have been certain aircraft types, involved in certain roles, where its much better if they were left quietly to get on with their own business, without the need for their locations to be publicised, or acknowledged. Mainly because their roles were largely of a highly sensitive nature-their positioning, or knowledge thereof, would be an advantage to an adversary.

Hence the 'I didn't see this at X, Y and Z' type posts you are seeing.
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