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Originally Posted by callum_62 View Post
This is interesting, as surely 'entertainment' headphones are probably lighter and less clunky that typical aviation sets

Means I could watch the football at home without the missus complaining about the volume too.... :-D

On the downside as mentioned, no one will know im a Pilot!

Im curious to the durability of these type of designs? I see theres a couple of different options - Avee, Uflymike and NFlightmic
Indeed, they are very light and comfortable, much lighter and less clunky than the dreadful old DC's I started with. I wear them in headset-only mode as a passenger for many hours at a time without problems. The upside over the A20 in this role is that I don't look a prat with a microphone boom stuck up in the air beside my head! I do handle them carefully, I have not had problems but I assume that they cannot be as tough and durable as more traditional and clunky designs. I do not expect them to last a lifetime as some of the DC old-timers cheerfully claim for theirs, but I am currently very happy with them and will not begrudge it if (when) I have to replace them.

Before I went with Avee, I looked at uflymike but they could not supply the Bose microphone adapter, they were having manufacturing problems, that may have changed. Avee were a joy to deal with - instant response to email enquiries and incredibly rapid shipment, plus helpful and instant response when I found the standard microphone boom too short. They shipped to Edinburgh by DHL and I had it within less than 48 hours from my 1st contact with them.
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