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Going to a different 'Thread Drift', I note that Jo Salter - the first female pilot operational on the Tornado, I believe - is photographed at the RAF Club wearing the mess kit and styled as 'Honorary Gp Capt'.

I can find no reference to the reasons for her appointment but would be interested to learn the background to this (fairly unusual) promotion/appointment.

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OD - she is a member of No. 601 (County of London) Squadron reactivated in 2017 by CAS to "...tapping into the talents of leaders from industry, academia and research to advise and shape and inspire our organisation." announced by SofS in Jun 17. Actually does some good stuff too and has a US "flight" as well. IIRC Jo works for one of the big consultancy firms (PwC perhaps?) so would bring some much needed fresh ideas.
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