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[QUOTE=SpringHeeledJack;10356841]To think that 'we' are the only sentient beings in the vastness of space, is breathtakingly naive, though perhaps understandable from a psychological point of view. 'We' are happy to indulge our egos, variously lauding our achievements over other living forms on planet Earth. To countenance that 'we' are not the only sentient life form and more so that they are eons ahead of our development is too much for the majority of mankind to digest.
To think that 'we' aren't alone in the vastness of space is no less naive. Good scientists say on the topic: "I don't know" because they really don't.
"Great filter" is definitely worth googleing btw.

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Btw, what's happening with that long odd shaped asteroid that was mentioned some months back ?
It passed between Mercury and Sun and is heading towards outer space at the moment, maybe it has already left our solar system.
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