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I too find DC's too clamping. I had a Peltor that lasted 25 years - the type that fold up really neatly like their ear defenders. Lately, I've invested in a Lightspeed Sierra which is noise cancelling. The batteries last well and the headset is nice to wear for an extended period and the ANR keeps out most of the noise, whilst allowing you still to hear the change of engine note and slipstream in the glide. Mine has done 1,000 hours and is starting to look a bit battered as I'm afraid I haven't looked after it very well and hop from aircraft to aircraft with it. However, it still works as advertised. I replaced the gel ear cups at 500 hours along with a new foam cover for the mic, not very expensive and gave new life to the headset.
A 'friend' lent me a Bose A20 and I really wish they hadn't as I now keep dreaming about having a set. However, at 1,000-ish I can't justify the expense, on an instructor's stipend!

As all things in life, you get what you pay for...

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