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The elephant in the room here is the dreadful mess Network Rail has made of the electrification programme in the last few years, leading to massive cuts in the ambition to extend the wires (e.g. Midland Mainline to Leicester and beyond, Cardiff to Swansea....). So DfT is rightly reluctant to commit to more wires until NR can prove it knows what it's doing, but on the other hand it has set its sights on abolition of diesel, which leaves them scrabbling around for other solutions. The only logical solution is to put someone in charge of the wiring programme that knows what they're doing. As a parallel this summer I found a brand new hybrid Calmac ferry chugging merrily back and forth across a loch on diesel power - apparently the batteries were good for one or round trips rather than a full daily duty cycle, so the whole exercise appears to have been political. I understand the new generation of Norwegian fjord-hoppers will be battery-only, but will recharge wirelessly via induction loops on every turnround, which sounds a bit more sensible,
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