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According to the ex -SXS guys here:

Majority of DEC positions will be Ankara, slim chance of SAW, no chance of Antalya or Izmir.

Non- commuting roster allows 2 double offs per month, these cannot be joined to give 4 days off. In low season you may request a triple off. In reality it is not possible to commute on non-commute contract.

Apartments range from about 2500 TL a month but good area expect 3500.

They fly 737-800 not C150 so Raw Data flying is not encouraged. All arrivals at ESB and SAW are procedural, very few visual approaches these days.

Expect a mix of Open duties, earlier and lates. In high season maybe 3 night flights a month. Open duty is min rest at hotel, maybe just 2/ 3 hrs if lucky
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