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Originally Posted by Black Pudding View Post
You need to be absolutely 100% certain you want to be a pilot. If in any doubt, forget it as you will either fail or be passed by those who have stronger desires. There are 1000s of qualified pilots out of work looking for a job. It’s not easy finding your first job and as soon as you mention your feelings or doubts about this, it will be “thanks, but no thanks” and “thank you for taking the interest in our company” Do you think any company is going to take a risk with anyone who has doubts about what they want to do in life. Do you think they want anyone who has doubts about their own desires to become a pilot.

If your not 100% sure, just do your PPL and fly for leisure
Well said.
It's hard but there is no room for negative thinking in any job assessment/interview let alone one for a pilot.
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