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Originally Posted by maverickflyer View Post
I only have the interview left. There's one test (normal math problems- i think its called applied numeracy) that requires a calculator and a piece of paper. I also recommend getting a mouse if you don't have one. For those of you that have completed the video interview, did you wear a suit? Im asking this because I'm currently out of base and I don't have suit with me. The closest thing to a suit is my uniform Thanks a good luck!
I did the usual video interview thing and wore a suit jacket with a white shirt and a tie combined with the classic sweatpants. 😂

if you can just wear a white shirt and maybe a tie or take any sort of labelling your current airline puts on the uniform off and make it look like a normal suit?! From my past experience with recruiters and HR people I wouldn’t recommend doing it without a suit.
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