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One very well known recipient of five WW2 campaign stars is HRH Prince Phillip (1939-45, Atlantic, Africa, Burma (bar 'Pacific') and Italy). Groups with 5 stars are quite scarce, and more commonly found to Merchant Navy recipients than RN. With the introduction of the Arctic Star in recent years I assume there are 6 star groups around, although I haven't seen one

Thanks for the info on Captain Norman DSO, Mahogany Bomber.

where 5 were (sadly) being sold ...
Why "sadly"? MPN? I had this throughout my time as a dealer in medals and militaria, with one retired Colonel Blimp type referring to "trafficking in medals"! Better that medals end up in the hands of enthusiastic collectors who appreciate what they have than they languish in the hands of relatives who often havent a clue what they represent.
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