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Flash 8 `s post no 57 is sobering reading.
The following extract from the Telegraph article "The March of Islam " published May 2006 adds further chill to the prospects for Europe.

"European officials admit that they have no idea how many people are making their way illegally into Europe. About 50,000 illegal immigrants are seized at Europe's ports or at sea every year, but it is impossible to say how many get through or die in the attempt. Every week Spanish police patrolling the waters between Africa and Europe catch dozens of people, most of them Moroccans, trying to sneak into southern Spain or, further south, the Canary Islands, in small smuggling boats known as pateras. For those who survive the journey, the Spanish town of EI Ejido is the point of entry into Europe. In the asphyxiating heat of the greenhouses there, 20,000 immigrants work in conditions that few Spaniards are willing to endure.

El Ejido is just one manifestation of what some call Eurabia. A youthful society to the south and east of the Mediterranean is quietly colonising, in the original Roman sense of the word, a senescent and secularised continent to the north and west of it. Today, at least 15 million Muslims have their home in the European Union, a number that seems certain to rise. The historian Bernard Lewis's prophecy that Muslims would be a majority in Europe by the end of the 21st century may go too far, but they may well outnumber believing Christians, given the collapse of church attendance and religious faith in Europe."

The full article may be read at at :
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