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If a few geese or other similar sized birds are seen around an airport, the airport doesn’t get closed, instead a NOTAM is issued to warn us about birds.

Why then do they close airports because someone thought their friend might have seen or heard a drone??

Yes, private and personal drones need to be banned - there is too much risk of abuse both with airports and prisons - and the others should be licenced and regulated, but let’s keep it in proportion? Or is the worry that they might carry explosives?

As I understand it,most drones don't fly much above 400 feet,so I would propose that a wall say,500 feet high should be built around the airport perimeter.As drones are developed further,and are able to fly higher,it would be easy to add further courses of bricks. So simple,I'm surprised someone hasn't thought of such a thing before.Perhaps Donald could arrange the finance ?
Did nobody realise ex82watcher was joking?
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