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What TOO has said is correct, and corresponds to the Canadian regulation I know. The distinction which must be made is who's currency requirement is being met? If you have not flown in 90 days, then you may not carry passengers until you have completed three landings (and at night, if night flying is being proposed). But, if your license is valid, and you're insured in the aircraft, you can do that solo - no instructor is required to accompany you. If you're renting the plane, the answer will probably be different, not because of a regulatory requirement, but because of rental rules, or the insurer (may be the same). In that case, the insurer may be requiring your demonstration of currency (commonly 30 days). That will be a dual flight. From a regulatory standpoint, if you have done the required three landings within the last 90 days, the regulator thinks you're okay to carry a passenger. If you're between 90 and 30 days since flying, the insurer may require a check flight, but you're legal to carry a passenger, so you could legally take a non instructor pilot for a check flight, if that pilot were willing, and the aircraft owner agreeable - the regulator is not requiring that the pilot accompanying you be an instructor. Commonly, as airplane rental organizations have instructors around, they'll want you to fly with their instructor. If it's a shared airplane, it's whatever the insurer has said. Very commonly, I've seen an insurer require that a "check pilot" be at least a CPL.

This situation comes up annually in Canada for many pilots, when float flying season begins. No one has currency with water landings from over the winter. So, if you own the plane, you just go solo, do at least three landings, and if you're happy with them, you're good to go. If you're a floatplane rental pilot, you'll have to have a checkout with the pilot who just redid his currency solo - maybe yesterday!

The bottom line is to know who's requirement you're satisfying, then what that requirement is (or, just get an instructor).
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