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Originally Posted by captplaystation View Post
Most of us at the time were humble enough to admit " there but for the grace of god" , a notable exception being " Hard Ronny" ( bless his soul) , who reckoned " Ow the F***+ could these Boogers have trashed a brand new aircraft" . . . . . Indeed .
A bad day at Exit 24 on the M1.
"Hard Ronny" --- Now there is somebody I remember well --- having once worked for BMA.
As I recall, a major issue in misidentifying the engine was assumptions made as a result of the the smoke in the cockpit ---- an assumption of the source, therefor an assumption of which engine it must be ---- and all that (or didn't, in the case of positive engine identification) followed.
Based on my experience in UK, I always thought it a good example of why "fly the aeroplane" and "follow the checklist" was always more important than "engineer level" detailed knowledge of the aircraft, which was very much the UK approach to tec. courses.
A case of a little knowledge (misapplied) can be dangerous.
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